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March 25th 2017 CCR Alumni Day

Posted by: | March 26, 2017

Today the CCR held its second Alumni Day.  We had the pleasure of having four CCR Alumni attend and share what it’s like ‘after job club.’  The theme for this meeting was “you are not alone in your job search!”  Each one of our Alumni shared the depression they felt of becoming unemployed, and added that, that all changed when they discovered CCR Job Club.

“I remember my second visit to CCR.  At the end of the meeting two of the CCR Facilitators pulled me aside and let’s just say I experienced one of the kindest “attitude adjustments” I had ever experienced.  I still laugh about it today and that was five years ago.”  (CCR Alumni)

“The first four or five months of my job search I went about finding a new job the way it was done five or ten years ago and nothing worked.  I got depressed, and felt something was wrong with me and it was then a friend introduced me to CCR.  At the first meeting I learned quickly that I was not alone, that the ‘process’ of finding work today is totally different.  It was eye opening to learn that 10% of the jobs are found on the computer,  60% of the job are never posted (company promotes from within), and that 80% of jobs are found through your network, it’s all about network, network, and more networking.”  (CCR Alumni)

“You are faith based, I see, from your name, what part does prayer play in your organization?”  (Job Seeker)  “We start each meeting with prayer for our job search and we end each meeting in prayer for all those who need our support and best wishes for good health.”  (CCR Facilitator)

“If you are trying to find a new career using outdated methods or on your own you are simply working too hard.  If you are talking to people, not just people you know but new people each and every day developing your network you are working smart, and  you will find your next career path just when you least expect it!” (CCR Alumni)

“In my very first meeting at CCR I picked up some good tips on job searching, LinkedIn accounts, and personal networking.  The group is so welcoming and supportive; it’s a blessing to be a part of the Holy Spirit at work.” (Job Seeker)