Job Seeker Resources

We encourage job seekers to take advantage of the many free resources available in Kansas City and on-line.  In addition,  companies who are hiring or hiring in the future are welcome to post on the CCR web site  and join us at one of our monthly Panel Roundtables (no fees).

There are a variety of online resources available for job seekers.  Here are links to a few of the resources that CCR attendees have found useful in their job search.

Archbishop Letter:  Archbishop Response 2016

Activity vs Accomplishments – do you have a daily plan?    Have a Daily Plan

Attend weekly workshops and Monthly Alumni and Panel Roundtables.

A Two Prong Approach to finding your next position.  1st] find a position you are qualified for an get your resume in the pipe, 2nd] find someone on the inside of that company who can move your resume from the stack of 600 to the stack of 20.  FU email to Facilitator  FU email to Facilitator 2

Companies hiring part time with benefits:

 Create resume: or

Cover Letter and Resume action verbs to use:  Action Verbs for Resumes

Email (Ping) your network often with an update:  Job Ping 1   Job Ping 2  Ping 3  Moving Ping

Assessment for people in career transition: 

Getting Started! 

Weekly Checklist July 2017  (Daily check list of activity)

Job Now To Find A Job  (Some tips on beginning your initial search)

Attitude (Inspirational read)

So You Are Out of Work (It’s ok, you are not the only one out of work)

Top Ten (Just things others have learned going through this process)

Advice for Mature Workers (Yes, just as it says)

Job Clubs KC 4-14-16 (Other networking opportunities)

LinkedIn Learning Webinars:

LinkedIn for Dummies:

Written & Video Testimonies:

CCR Job Club Opening Prayer video

CCR April 2015 video

Job Seeker Testimony video

Testimonies collection written