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February 27, 2016 CCR Panel Roundtable

Posted by: | February 28, 2016

Our CCR Panel Roundtable included guests from: FedEx Ground, First Student, JOCO Sheriff Office, Netsmart, and MCC – Penn Valley.  Each one of these companies is hiring!

    “The CCR Job Club is a resource for us.  If a CCR Facilitator contacts me with an endorsement for a particular job seeker who is a regular participant at meetings, I am going to make sure that person’s information is reviewed.”  (Panelist)

“Up to 90% of our promotions are hired from within.  Within HR, I am the only outsider.  What made the difference for me was that I had a meaningful relationship/ connection who was already working in the company’s HR.”  (Panelist)

“Couple things, if we do not know you, how can we endorse you?  Also because so many companies today hire from within, you should be able to step down to step up.”  (CCR Facilitator)

“Now I understand, for me to get my resume moved from the stack of 600 to the stack of 20 is develop relationships with the CCR Facilitators who already have a relationship with these people who are hiring.  What a great process!”  (Job Seeker)