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April 30, 2016 CCR Panel Roundtable

Posted by: | May 1, 2016

Our guests for the April 30th Panel Roundtable included representatives from Diocese of Kansas City-St. Joseph, Empower Retirement / Great West Financial, and US Bank.  Over 90+ opportunities were shared.

IMG_0679[1]  IMG_0676[1] IMG_0656[1] “Your resume should me more like an appetizer, rather than a four course meal.  Give us just enough about yourself that makes us want to reach out for phone interview and find our what more there is about you! (Panelist)

“If I am interested in one of these companies that presented today, how do I go about meeting them?” (Job Seeker)  “First you find which CCR Facilitator sponsored that Panelist and ask for there advice/direction. Then  you find an opportunity that you are qualified for and apply online, lastly you let the CCR Facilitator know you are “in the pipe” and the the Job Seeker and the CCR Facilitator will best figure out together how to get your resume moved from the stack of 600 to the stack of 20.” (CCR Facilitator)

“What is it with all these cards with prayer and people’s names on them? (Job Seeker)  “We here at CCR start each meeting with prayer, that is for our job search.  We end each meeting with prayer for those whom we have learned have a much bigger challenge in their lives than finding gainful work. These picture are then sent to each one that we have prayer for.” (CCR Facilitator)