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Catholic Career Roundtable Job Club (CCR)

Posted by: | June 28, 2016

People finding people jobs.  CCR holds weekly workshops for all those in transition.  At these informal meetings we discuss the nuts and bolts of career transition, identify target companies, and celebrate wins! There are no fees for job seekers or employers who attend.  Workshops will be held every Saturday except Labor Day weekend.

September 2016 workshops (no meeting September 3rd) include the 10th,  our monthly Panel Roundtable (businesss casual) on the 17th followed by workshop on the 24th.

Location / Time / Contact
Good Shepherd Parish 
12800 West 75th   Shawnee, KS  66216
8:30  –  10:00 AM  on Saturday or 816.582.1809
 (look for CCR signs)
CCR hosts a monthly Panel Roundtable (business casual).  Panel Roundtable days are a unique opportunity for job seekers to meet with representatives from companies who support our job mission and are hiring.  
New job seekers are requested to attend (1) CCR weekly workshop before attending a Panel Roundtable.
Our next Panel Roundtable will be September 17th. followed by October 29th and ending the year with December 10th Panel Roundtable.  Panelist scheduled September 17th include: Anesthesia Associates of KC, Empower Retirement / Great West Financial, and KU Medical Center.

The CCR is a 501(c)(3) and your donations are tax deductible. Use PayPal here or mail your donation directly to:  CCR Job Club, 7000 W. 99th Street, Overland Park, KS 66212.

 Weekly workshops:

Since CCR’s inception March 2009, we have taken part in:

·         Assisting  Catholic and non-Catholics find gainful employment.

·         Assisted 4000+ job seekers with our weekly meetings in the past six years.

·         Broadcasting monthly updates to a database of 2200+ job seekers.

·         Continuation of a resource for both the job seeker and the employer to include current job postings on the CCR web site.

Previous Panel Roundtables:

In addition, CCR Facilitators are available to launch our Job Club within your parish, church or community.  This initiative complements an ever growing database of businesses who are sharing opportunities with our professionals seeking new careers as well as parishioners who are networking and praying for ALL those in transition.


By the Grace of God and your support the CCR enters its seventh year helping all those in transition. Donations can be made here using PayPal or you may mail your donation directly to:  CCR Job Club, 7000 W. 99th Street, Overland Park, KS 66212.  Please let us know if you want your donation earmarked for the Rick Alvarez benevolent fund. 

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June 25, 2016 Panel Roundtable

Posted by: | June 27, 2016

Our recent June 25th CCR Panel Roundtable featured three Panelists including First Student, YMCA of Kansas City, and KCP&L.  These companies are hiring!

IMG_1596[1] IMG_1586[1] IMG_1602[1] IMG_1601[1]

“It was a pleasure and rewarding for me to visit with a job seeker I had a phone interview with a couple weeks ago. She (job seeker) was very professional and complimentary of her experience. I enjoyed hearing that!” (Panelist)

“Every one here today is a professional, that is obvious just by looking over the group.  You are at one of the best, if not the best job club in the metro. I know because I interact with all of them.”  (Panelist)

“The best connection you can make today, is with the CCR Facilitator who has the relationship with the Panelist you are interested in.  Take advantage of that!”  (CCR Facilitator)

“Thank you and all the CCR Facilitators for doing this.  I have attended the weekly workshops but this is my first Panel Roundtable and it was awesome!”  (Job Seeker)

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CCR Job Postings

Posted by: | May 1, 2016

Employers, email with your job postings or please call (816) 582-1809 and we will post approved jobs on our job board.  Jobseekers, you do not need to be logged in to see the Jobs – click on the “Jobs” tab.

CCR Signature


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April 30th, 2016 CCR Panel Roundtable

Posted by: | May 1, 2016

Our guests for the April 30th Panel Roundtable included representatives from Diocese of Kansas City-St. Joseph, Empower Retirement / Great West Financial, and US Bank.  Over 90+ opportunities were shared.

IMG_0679[1]  IMG_0676[1] IMG_0656[1] “Your resume should me more like an appetizer, rather than a four course meal.  Give us just enough about yourself that makes us want to reach out for phone interview and find our what more there is about you! (Panelist)

“If I am interested in one of these companies that presented today, how do I go about meeting them?” (Job Seeker)  “First you find which CCR Facilitator sponsored that Panelist and ask for there advice/direction. Then  you find an opportunity that you are qualified for and apply online, lastly you let the CCR Facilitator know you are “in the pipe” and the the Job Seeker and the CCR Facilitator will best figure out together how to get your resume moved from the stack of 600 to the stack of 20.” (CCR Facilitator)

“What is it with all these cards with prayer and people’s names on them? (Job Seeker)  “We here at CCR start each meeting with prayer, that is for our job search.  We end each meeting with prayer for those whom we have learned have a much bigger challenge in their lives than finding gainful work. These picture are then sent to each one that we have prayer for.” (CCR Facilitator)

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February 27th, 2016 CCR Panel Roundtable

Posted by: | February 28, 2016

Our CCR Panel Roundtable included guests from: FedEx Ground, First Student, JOCO Sheriff Office, Netsmart, and MCC – Penn Valley.  Each one of these companies is hiring!

    “The CCR Job Club is a resource for us.  If a CCR Facilitator contacts me with an endorsement for a particular job seeker who is a regular participant at meetings, I am going to make sure that person’s information is reviewed.”  (Panelist)

“Up to 90% of our promotions are hired from within.  Within HR, I am the only outsider.  What made the difference for me was that I had a meaningful relationship/ connection who was already working in the company’s HR.”  (Panelist)

“Couple things, if we do not know you, how can we endorse you?  Also because so many companies today hire from within, you should be able to step down to step up.”  (CCR Facilitator)

“Now I understand, for me to get my resume moved from the stack of 600 to the stack of 20 is develop relationships with the CCR Facilitators who already have a relationship with these people who are hiring.  What a great process!”  (Job Seeker)

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January 30th, 2016 CCR Panel Roundtable

Posted by: | January 31, 2016

CCR’s guests this month included representatives from BasysPro, CityWide, HNTB, Oddo, and Waffle House.  Valuable insight into company culture and many opportunities were made available to our job seekers.

   “We ask all the open ended questions so do not hesitate to personalize the interview with some of your personal experiences.  This will help us get to know the real you and how you will fit into our company culture.”  (Panelist)

“Reminder, the CCR makes every attempt we can to protect our Panelist privacy and time, that is why job seekers are asked to go through the Facilitator as first point of contact, by doing this the appropriate introduction can be made on the Panelist timeline, not ours.” (Facilitator)

“We are going so fast right now, I have to hire my replacement.  That probably sounds funny, the truth is we are growing at a pace where we now need two Directors of HR.” (Panelist)

“I am still working, but I saw your email blast identifying the companies that were going to be in attendance today so I wanted to come and learn and listen as much as possible, you never know.”  (Job Seeker Alumni)